The Dilemmas of an African Child The Dilemmas of an African Child

The Dilemmas of an African Child

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This is the story of a child whose parents, in an attempt to find solution to their problems, find comfort in alcohol which robbed them the right to their only child and their reputation. This child, being a toddler, was filled with emotional trauma and spirit of isolation, was taken to a foster home because of his parents irrational behavior which was brought about by their excessive consumption of alcohol, became a father of two adults and a subject of ridicule among his peers because of his parents addiction. He was rescued by his uncle who took him and nurtured him up to his teenage stage and sent him to university for further studies.
In the university, being a vulnerable child who never experienced parental love and attention, he was desperately looking for that attention by all means. Eventually, he got it from being a potential victim of a gang robbery in the school to a partner in crime. This deprived him of his career, led him to jail, and made him a fugitive for many years.
Being on the run, he got married, and his love and affection for his friend became a stumbling block in the relationship between him and his wife. His friends character is the exact opposite of his, so with the intention of starting another life of crime, he became totally transformed by his new friend who was searching for his lost sister for many years.
The friend salvaged him from going to jail once again as a result of a petty crime which he committed in a corner shop. This brought them together very close that they became inseparable.
On their quest to find his friends sister, he displayed his true nature of sympathy and mentorship for the vulnerable, which got them into a misfortune that ruined their hope of fighting for the freedom of the less privileged and those in captive. This misfortune disconnected him and his best friend who rescued him from the life of crime to a freedom fighter and also led them to jail and brought separation between him, his friend, and the three other friends they met during their adventure to find his friends sister.

Crime & Thrillers
16 July
Xlibris US

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