The Erotic Novels of Elliot Silvestri

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This is a collection of all of Elliot Silvestri’s erotic novels from 2012 through 2015. Green Bush Publishing is proud to offer this collection twelve ebook novels covering Mr. Silvestri’s entire writing career from simple bondage and discipline to erotic lactation, all for the discerning reader of contemporary erotica.

Total length is 541,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: These stories feature a wide variety of human sexuality including graphic sex, oral sex, a**l sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, bondage and discipline, erotic lactation, voyeurism, BDSM, group sex, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.


The Red Collar
Milk of Dawn
Complete Trust
His Wife’s Rich Milk
An Adorable Slave
Completely Willing to Milk
The Summer Collar
Already Pregged
Like Candy on the Tongue
Milk & Chastity
A Slave Auction

From The Red Collar:


“Yes, Analise. Tell me what you want.” Kim’s voice was commanding, dominant. Analise could easily obey this strong woman.

“I was wondering…I enjoyed working for you this past weekend. I was wonder if you needed help again anytime soon?”

“That depends. What are you willing to do?”

“To do?” Analise repeated with a swallow. It was one thing to try and get her sexual frustration by bedding Davis, it was another entirely to admit her desires to a woman who was for all intents and purposes her boss.

“Yes, what are you willing to do? I’m not in the need for a simple servant or maid any time soon. Maybe in a few weeks. But perhaps if you are willing to take a more active role at the country house…” Kim trailed off letting Analise’s imagination fill in the details.

“More active role? What would I have to do?” Analise asked with apprehension. Maybe this wasn’t the job for her.

“There would be nudity involved. But you’re pretty and have a nice body. And apparently you don’t mind showing off in front of others. There would be intimate contact with some of our guests. You wouldn’t have sex with them, of course, but you would be facilitating their activities.”

“What would I have to do…exactly?”

From Complete Trust:
Trusting one’s most intimate partner is difficult because trust can erode love…

Ginny and Sam have been married nearly fifteen years when she reconnects with an old boyfriend who is now married to another woman. Instead of opting for a traditional affair behind Sam's back Ginny decide that the two couples should become physically intimate. It is only through a great deal of trust can the quartet fully appreciate each other’s needs and kinks.

The front door swung open silently with their key. Stealth wasn’t exactly necessary. Ginny’s moans of pleasure filled the air accompanied with satisfied grunts from Trent. Chloe giggled.

“They’re noisy.” She slipped off her shoes and led the way. There were two bedrooms in the back of the cabin. One door was wide open, the other partially shut. Showing ninja-like stealth Chloe snuck up to the doors, checked which bedroom was being used, and carefully peered around the corner. Sam joined her a moment later.

He saw his wife astride Trent. That didn’t surprise him; he expected that. What surprised him was his own arousal as he watched.

“I want to grab him and join in,” Chloe whispered to him as she reached back and cupped him between the legs. She took a step back and pressed her body against his. “Let’s go.”

They slipped away to the other bedroom. If the other couple had any inkling of their presence no indication was given. Trent and Ginny continued on in peace.

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17 April
Elliot Silvestri

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