The Immortals The Immortals

The Immortals

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Euryale looked out from her castle, situated in the desolate and secluded land that she had chosen as her place of sanctuary, brought there by the beautiful white winged stallion called Pegasus, having journeyed through many continents to get where she now was. 'I knew I would finally be safe and this was to be my home for the rest of eternity.'

From the pen of Susan R. Murphy comes a collection of truly terrifying tales: a blend of ancient Greek mythology, American Gothic horror, UFO abductions, Halloween scares and campfire tales. The characters who feature in these tales are beings cursed by fate. Life and death holds no distinction for them. They wander the world, crossing continents and even galaxies, in search of sport, prey and sometimes sanctuary. For the immortals, there can be no respite and no final resting place: they are prisoners of this world, a world which they cannot leave. Some become the hunters, others become the hunted. They have the strength to witness, to endure and to casually inflict tragic and inhuman suffering.

Dark Observer is a story told to the author by her sister, from a creature she actually witnessed watching her small children sleeping. Gargoyle, Thief of Souls was inspired by a trip to a graveyard at midnight, looking at the headstones and crypts. The Butcher of Moore Mansion is based around real events that happened in San Diego, where she grew up. Euryale, the Gorgon derives from an interest in the story of Medusa and her sisters. Having researched the story in her local library, she came up with this tale. The Haunted Railroad Tracks was from her time in South Carolina and the tracks behind the trailer park. The Lost Princess of Atlantis is the result of an enduring fascination she has had with the lost city. The House on Fairwood Avenue is from her time when she was small, living at her grandmother’s house in Ohio. The poem, Timeless Love is based on a soul mate that she has never met but hopes one day she will, while Innocence Lost reflects her interest in vampire lore.

"What you have witnessed here this night, no mortal has seen in over a thousand years. Your punishment will be immortality and you will be my blood companion for all eternity."

Fiction & Literature
22 October
Susan R. Murphy

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