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Dark MC unconventional romance
What would it take to push good men to the breaking point? What would justify going back to a world they’d worked so hard to leave? Their club, their heart, and their code have been crushed—there is nothing left to lose.

They said it’d be a cold day in Hell before they ever went back to the 1% world.

Hell. Just. Froze. Over.

Colt Daniels and Kash Kendrick spilled a lot of blood to leave the 1% life they were raised in. It was a fair trade off—many Satan’s Scavengers’ lives for one precious, innocent life. Beyond the trail of blood was the brand new world they created. It was filled with motorcycles, brotherhood, and BDSM. The Masters, with their ol’ ladies—slaves—lived a life on the right side of the law. They lived by a code they took seriously—the Master must be in control of himself before he can control another. It worked, until two sounds—Boom! Boom!—destroyed all they’d worked to make.

Two of them are dead. Two are fighting for their lives, and an out of control need for bloody retribution has taken over the code. It’s taken over the club.

A decades old feud that began in Vietnam has caused the fathers' sins to be visited on their sons and daughters
Colt’s original club, the Malevolent M.C., and Kash’s club, the Vagabond Vipers, have been at war with the club of a man who should’ve been left rotting in the jungle. Crow Thibodeaux and his club, the Satan’s Scavengers.

After Crow’s suspicious death his former stepson Ditch has carried on his legacy, and the bad blood is running deeper than ever before. They brought the war to the Masters’ doorstep. With no other option on the table and nothing but vengeance in their hearts—Colt and Kash are driven home to their 1% roots.

Being a good man is a hard task. The Satan’s Scavengers called out the villains—Colt and Kash can do that in their sleep.

Who will be left at their sides when the blood begins to pour?

Will any of the Masters M.C. remain, or will it be Colt, Kash, and Malevolent first sergeant at arms, Sundown Blackfoot left to do battle?

When all is said and done what will be left of the men they’d worked so hard to become?

Sometimes the only way to know is to just say F*@k The World and let the bodies fall where they may.

Fiction & Literature
February 14
B.B. Blaque

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