The Nautical Negro

The Adventures Of A Black Waterman

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Publisher Description

This book is the story of an African American mans strange Love, and passion for anything nautically related. Book I of the Nautical Negro was written 10 years ago during
My first stay in the New York State Prison system.. When I took to writing Book one I had never written anything before that time and was learning on the fly. So the stories in book one reflect my limited experience in the craft of writing . Book one does however give a very clear picture of my nautical development and the progression Ive made throughout the years.

Book II of The Nautical Negro was written during my last term of incarceration in 2009. Book II is a lot more comprehensive than book I , and the development of the writing of Book II mirrors in a lot of ways my evolution and development in the surf game. As you will read they have both come a long way.

Book II also delves pretty deeply into my spiritual development and the path I believe that has been laid for me on this nautical journey Ive undertaken.

One message I do hope this book conveys is that no matter where you come from, no matter what your circumstances were coming up, never give up your dreams. Because if you can see yourself doing it, you can make it happen in reality.

The last and most important impression I hope to leave on the readers is never let anyone talk you out of your dreams , or tell you , you cant do something. My father all ways said
theres no such word as cant! And thats how I always lived my life. That message is especially important to get out in the African American community , because all my life I heard people say I wasnt suppose to surf, or swim the way I did because I was black. And to me thats the worst thing you can do to a developing young mind. Young Brothers and Sisters need to be encouraged to expand there minds, and indeed there horizons by letting there natural talents blossom. T hey must be allowed to purse what ever endeavor there young hearts and minds desire. We have to convey the message they can indeed be something other than a Basket ball Player, or a Rapper, they can be Doctors, lawyers, or even Pro Skaters, and Surfers.

So with that said I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoy sharing with you a piece of my unique, funny, sad, at times crazy, but never dull life.

Brian BJ James
Author of
The Nautical Negro!

Fiction & Literature
14 September

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