The Power of Dreams

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Capture and use your dream ideas and solutions to improve your life!

     This book will forever change the way you look at dreams! You will know your nightly dreams occur for a reason. The author shows how a single dream could transform your life into one of fame as fortune. Here are a few who have benefited from their dreams:
John Lennon (member of the Beatles) and James Cameron (Avatar and Terminator movies) used their dream insights to success.Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer had dreams that helped them to become successful and celebrated authors.Thomas Edison (inventor of over 1,000 patents) and Larry Page who created Google turned their dreams into monumental business success.Albert Einstein's dreams revealed the theory of relativity and the special theory of relativity to transform the world.Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current generator that powers every home in the world and so much more through dreams.
     The author used a dream insight to heal himself, write books, solve engineering problems, and even write music without musical training.

For Individuals: If you are not using your dreams to help excel at work, you have no one to blame. Your dreams will not only help you to succeed at work; they can lead you to achieve the life you've only dreamed about. So why not use your dreams to achieve your dream life.

For Organizations: If your associates are neither creative nor innovative, then they are just going through the motion at work. If they're doing the same thing they did a year ago, your company will soon fall behind your competitors. If you're not developing innovative solutions, your customers will soon find others that do. If your managers and executives are not having creative ideas to develop the next big thing or bring new life into an existing product or service, your customers will fade away.

     For over 40 years, the author has been successfully using his dreams in business and his personal life. He's definitely not a "woo-woo" type of person, but a practical blend of science, religion, metaphysics, martial arts, and business. Gary was an electrical engineer for over 20 years in communication and nuclear weapons. He is an ordained Catholic Priest who has also studied Buddhism and taught metaphysics. He trained in Aikido for over 20 years and was a full-time professional speaker and co-owner of a speakers bureau for over 30 years. Gary is practical, insightful, and passionate about what you can do with your dreams. Your dreams can support your entrepreneurial efforts or increase productivity at work. In either case, you're the winner.


I loved the real-life examples for each dream category and your in-depth research into other people's dream experiences. Sharing your own story and how using your dreams to better understand your daily life was powerful! The paragraphs you shared that a person can say before bed worked great and are easy to add to a person's nightly routine. — Boon C., Colorado Springs, CO

Gary Yamamoto's well-written book The Power of Dreams is a very useful hands-on guide that's both easy to follow and quite easy to implement... The deceptively simple way this book is laid out makes it both a fast read but also an easy reference guide that the reader can go back to time and time again as they hone their skills to develop and create the type of dreams they're seeking. — Laurie B., Ashville, NC

     This book will help you capitalize on your dreams in today's rapidly evolving environment. Start getting ideas, insights, answers, and solutions. Isn't it time for your dreams to do the heavy lifting, instead of you?

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18 February
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