The Reclaimed Souls Series The Reclaimed Souls Series
#5 - Reclaimed Souls

The Reclaimed Souls Series

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Available together for the first time, this collection contains all four books in the Reclaimed Souls Series that chronicle Rahda and Roland's epic journey of romance, dark fantasy, science fiction, and adventure.

Summoned by Prince Roland Rexus for a mysterious project, Rahda Plesti travels to the strangely deserted capital and arrives at the Palace with one goal in mind: destroy the monarchy from within. But the man they call a dark prince, aided by his trusted advisor, the secretive Cat Evinas, seems to know all of Rahda's secrets.

He has a different job for her: mask his scars, join him in battle, and claim her rightful place on the throne. However, headstrong Rahda never does things the easy way. She is thrust into a caste society she loathes, a war she knows nothing about, a maternal secret she does not trust, and a love so dark, and so dangerous, that the only way to free herself is to follow a centuries old prophecy.

For only the last daughter of the last high priestess can save the dark prince, heal the scars upon her own heart, and free the continent's claimed souls.

All Rahda has to do is accept it. But doing so comes at a very high price.

The Pale Waters: Rahda Plesti, a scientist turned assassin, descends upon the deserted capital city of Izkirka with one goal in mind: kill the Dark Prince and end the monarchy. Already conflicted about her feelings regarding the Dark Prince, everything unravels when she discovers what he keeps hidden.

The Queen of Scarred Hearts: With a royal revolt simmering just under the surface, Rahda and Roland must tread carefully as the continent's citizens descend upon Izkirka for a royal celebration that changes everything. Will a new Queen emerge?

The Daughter of Lava: Rahda's family secrets surface as she confronts the fact that she is the Sevradan heir. Forced to tackle her own demons, her feelings for Roland, threats from multiple factions, and the fact that she may actually be the Sacred Soul, Rahda takes matters into her own hands, leads her army, and pushes the boundaries of her heart, her soul, and her future.

The Priestess of Reclaimed Souls: With Izkirka in ruins, no one is safe as Rahda, Roland, Cat, and Dev return to Rahda's homeland. The wind whispers, the trees talk, and the mountain readies itself for a war that will either save or destroy the continent. At the birthplace of the Feeble Princess, Rahda discovers a strength she never knew she possessed as her family's actions come full circle. Every soul has an opposite and Rahda is about to meet hers, but it comes at a great cost.

10 November
Kelly Washington

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