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In the world of Arator there once lived the legendary titans. Now considered to be extinct, the prophecies that they left behind have begun to unfold. In this gripping and enthalling trilogy from author Joseph Barresi, the world of Arator has the potential to be torn asunder.Dragons are going insane...the gods themselves begin to scramble into action...and races all across the world find themselves at the brink of war.What is causing such turmoil...such upheaval that it has brought together some of the most famous and well known of Arator's heroes to work together in an attempt to answer those questions?Book 1 of the Titan Prophecies features an all star cast of some of Joseph Barresi's most beloved characters as they find themselves unlikely allies to hunt down and search for answers as the world around them begins to plunge into chaos which all started with the finding of titan artifacts.Will they find what they are looking for in time? Or will the mountain of obstacles they face be too much to overcome?Only the gods know...and even they are not telling.Exerpt:Sebastion looked over at Valdimir and couldn’t help but still see the living man that had run him through with the same sword that was now strapped to his back. Standing 6’7” tall and still wearing the same black plate mail he had died in, Valdimir’s skull of a face swept over the group around the table with his burning red pin points for eyes.Sebastion could just feel the disdain for them all radiating off Valdimir, and this infuriated Sebastion to no end…but he remained cool and calm….doing everything in his power to restrain himself.If the knights can do this…I can…Sebastion reassured himself.Valdimir’s gaze studied each member of the clan, not paying them too much heed until those red pin points landed right on Sebastion.Sebastion’s blood literally froze…for Valdimir’s eyes flashed brightly in contempt and the death knight pulled his broadsword from his back as he said with rage in his hollow voice, “YOU…!”Sebastion barely had time to dodge out of the way as Valdimir charged forward and swung his sword in a wide arc that would have cut him in half if he had not been quick enough.The swing was so wide that Davarian also had to spring out of the way to avoid being chopped in two.Sebastion rolled back up to his feet with the grace of a cat and withdrew his scimitar and long sword from under his heavy cloak, whirling around and facing Valdimir while in a crouched stance.All the knights and everyone that had been around the table all drew weapons and were now in a standoff as Evalyn Matteholm, Dugo, and Oshar also had their weapons in hand and raised up about to strike.Lord Marik Blackshield held out a hand to the three however, meaning for them to stay put and not attack, Alana made a similar motion to the knights, Myst, Vorg, Harlin Thule, and Davarian.Blackshield then looked over to Sebastion and Valdimir with a smirk on his face, as if he was silently saying to his men and lady that this was between the two of them.It most certainly was,

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 23
Joseph Barresi

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