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This Week’s Stories (August, Week 1)

About 20,000 words.

Love and Roses: Love is in the Garden
Jose has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. A beautiful woman he likes is leaving town to marry a man in Mexico. Jose has two choices: Let her go or convince her to stay. Choosing the later, he finds himself involved in a deal to woo the woman of his dreams into marrying him in only three days. Success or failure will depend completely on him in a humorous look at love Mexican style.

Satan Can’t Get A Date
Satan has been informed by his esteemed human resources manager the good chairman Mao that he needs to impregnate a human female as soon as possible if he wishes another anti-Christ to rule the human world in his stead. Unfortunately, Satan hasn’t been to Earth for a few 1000 years and things have changed a lot in that time. Enter his loyal servants, Hitler, Stalin and Mao, to help Satan with this most unholy of unholy tasks. In this book you’ll find a riot of failures and humor with a twisted ending that will curl you toes in amusement.

Love and Wontons
Wang has been in love with Zhang for two years now. One day he comes into work to find out that she is taking the bar exam and might be leaving. Feeling depressed a friend offers him a reprieve and the seduction of young Zhang begins Chinese restaurant style! “Funny beyond belief!”

Seduction of a Romance Novelist
Love, clean-spirited and free, is a mystery to Eddy, a romance novelist who dabbles in erotica. One day his sexy, bombshell of an editor asks of him a favor that will change his life for the better, or at least he hopes. Our bookish young writer will have to turn into the Casanova of his writing if he wants to find the love of the beautiful maiden waiting and willing at his side.

The Human Lands: Demon Hunter
There’s a mystery in this town. A girl has gone missing and there are murders everywhere, but no easy explanations in sight. Zek and Raphael need to find what the evil RIP is up to before it’s too late. In a world unknown they will find a hero like no other and fight demons to find the one who is behind the problems of the area. It’s a suspenseful fantasy with a ending that will break even the hardest of hearts. “Edgy fantasy with humor and emotion. This is a worthwhile read for any fantasy fan.”

The Snake Lands: The Endless One
War, danger and death. A world torn by a war between devil worshipping snakes and the forces of good will throw Zek, Raphael and Set into the fray. Demonic powers will burn the night red as demons walk freely and our heroes are called on to fight for the lives of the people of this world. It’s a tale of bravery and heroism beyond anything you have read before. “An all out fightfest that will please fantasy fans who like it rough.”

The Demon Lands: Homecoming
Hell has been waiting. Zek, Raphael and Set must face countless demons to take the prize and end the life of RIP. With time running out for the infected Set and Zek almost out of life, they will need to finish this quickly. It’s our heroes’ biggest challenge yet as they find themselves outnumbered and overwhelmed. Only the greatest of sacrifices will be enough to make their dream a reality, but will they survive to reach RIP? “A battle royal with horror and humanity mixing to form a heartbreaking story of love and hope.”

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September 29
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