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Synopsis for Thomas Quantum in the Multiverse
By David Arthur Wisner
Thomas Fairchild, a clever sixteen-year-old has just been through the worst month of his life. As an only child he lost his father in an accident. Bullied at school, he runs to visit the only person left on earth who really cares for him, his grandfather. His grandfather gives him a bewildering birthday gift that has come from Thomas’s father. The gift is a watch with a note attached. The note is a call for help from his father who is imprisoned in the capital city of a place called Ilarnia 4. Thomas is stunned and confused. He is shown a machine that can transport a person into the heart of an atom, where there exists another universe. His grandfather calls it one of the levels of the multiverse, a universe of universes. Suddenly his grandfather is seized by a heart attack. At the hospital the doctor indicates that his grandfather has died.
Desperate to escape greedy relatives, Thomas loses runs back to his grandfather’s house and to the machine. The settings are still blinking on the display. With nothing left to loose Thomas pushes the button. Immediately he is transported deep inside a mountain. A tunnel leads him into a room where slaves are working to extract crystals from the mountain. Thomas is captured and put in with slaves that are trying to lead a rebellion against their oppressors. Here Thomas meets three people: Didu, a forceful young man a little older than Thomas who is a leader in the rebellion, Mattie, his amusing younger sister, and Asfalia, an intriguing girl about Thomas’s age. Didu and Mattie’s father is also a prisoner in the capital city. Thomas is able to escape during a riot. He follows a stream which will eventually join the Great River and lead south to the capital. Once there he will seek to free his father.
Swept away by a flash flood, hunted by deadly creatures, and carried off by a flying reptile, this is just the beginning of his journey to save his father. Finding the Great River, he also finds a group of prisoners from the mines. This group includes the three he met in the mountain. Thomas is able to free the three slaves and lead them to the river where together they slip away on a small river boat. A fifth member befriends their group, a strange, ferocious-looking lion-dog. On the river Didu and Thomas make a startling realization —they are both seeking to save the same person, their father, Charles Fairchild! Confused and enraged, Thomas wonders why he was never told of this other family, but at the same time begins a relationship with a brother and sister he never had on earth.
The four of them and their new “dog” continue on an adventure which spans a continent. This journey takes them on a life and death struggle as they encounter challenges along the way. They also meet several different races: the stone builders of the desert, the underground Tyroonians of the mountains, and the winged Tilithians of the jungle, each secretly preparing to confront the oppressive Kakia and Ferugians. The races need Charles Fairchild to help unite them all. At one point the group is given a guide, Ouan Destar, who turns out to be a traitor. His plan to get Thomas’s watch is thwarted by a mysterious man, Cedrance Millowman. He now leads them on the last leg of their journey into the city.
This group incites the Ferugians and Kakians against each other and then move into the city. Toulong, a slave of the city, helps unite the other slaves. With a signal the armies attack. The attack catches the distracted oppressors off guard and the city quickly falls. Charles is reunited with his family and explains to Thomas his life on two worlds. With Destar having escaped into the multiverse Thomas must go back to earth. Full of heartbreak, he leaves his new friends and family and goes home. He returns to the hospital to mourn and is shocked to find his grandfather still alive and having made a deal with the relatives to be Thomas’s guardian.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 19
David Arthur Wisner