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In modern day France, a Cambridge theologian Jacob Jenkins is secretly imprisoned in a mental institution. Not because he is mad, but because he knows the biblical Merchant's secrets, the same Merchants mentioned and warned about in the Book of Revelation, rather than killing Mr. Jenkins the Merchant's are drawing out of him the decoded information he has uncovered in the Book of Revelation, that foretells the Merchants' manipulation in the biblical End Times and Armageddon event, which help bring about the fabled 2nd coming and rise of the Beast 666.

But the Merchant's plans are found out by a secret Christian order and one of their agents, Robert J. Monk is charged to extract Mr. Jenkins and bring him back to England, where he can tell the world of the Merchants evil plot and how they are planning their evil plot with the mighty Dragon and the fabled Beast, all of these evil elements are shown to he controlling a state within a state and are using their combined Communist and old Soviet spy networks that were nurtured and developed within the west to collapse their combined enemy the West itself.

With the secret orders' history of protecting Christian pilgrims throughout time and with their blood spilt on many conflicts, Robert J. Monk's mission to bring Mr. Jenkins back to England should on the face of it be a easy one, with all the orders modern and ancient technology and weaponry at Monk's disposal, but it quickly turns into a struggle between good and evil has the Merchant's evil empire is unleashed upon them.

Stephen Lambourne weaves together a modern day spy story with ancient medieval Christian history, while encompassed simply code breaking formulas allowing biblical scripture to be cracked open like an oyster, allowing the stories main characters to explain to the reader a compiling pictures of present day events happening in today's world with those written down in the Book of Revelation just under 2000 years ago. The readers eyes will be opened to why events you had through was not linked are indeed planned and well under way. Worst of all they are being planned and organized by the West's old enemies and the fabled Beast.

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January 18
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