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In the tradition of P. D. James, Elizabeth George, and Louise Penny, New York Times bestselling author Deborah Crombie spins an engrossing, emotionally powerful tale of conspiracy, betrayal, and double-dealings that will bring home the chilling consequences of murder to Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James.
Recently uprooted and feeling his way in his new posting to Camden—an eclectic area of London's counterculture, as well as it's greatest travel hub—Superintendent Kincaid is plunged into the investigation of a fatal bombing during a protest at St. Pancras Station. The already sensitive enquiry is almost immediately complicated by a set of strange circumstances and coincidences. One of the key witnesses to the chaos is Melody Talbot, a fellow detective, and trusted colleague of Kincaid's wife, D.I. Gemma James; the victim appears to have set off the bomb, but all of his associates vehemently deny the possibility; and a mysterious, shadowy bystander has disappeared from the scene—and seemingly from the face of London!—under highly suspicious circumstances.
In addition, Kincaid’s ex-boss has been brutally attacked, and Kincaid—who never got to the bottom of his own transfer—suspects the circumstances are connected at a higher level. Kincaid, with the help of Gemma, Melody and his former sergeant, Doug Cullen, is determined to uncover what lies at the dark center. Unfortunately for Kincaid, finding the truth may have more devastating consequences than he could imagine, test his commitment to Scotland Yard, and imperil his family, friends...and his own future...
“A wealth of detail about St. Pancras’ history and architecture that would do Margaret Truman proud.” –Kirkus Reviews

Crime & Thrillers
September 23

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