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Charlotte had a boring life. She worked on her family's farm in rural Mississippi, and her strict parents watched her like hawks to make sure no boy ever touched her or damaged her morals. And then it all changed. Needing money, her father suddenly brought her to the bank and told her she'd be working for a rich man who had a ranch nearby. Nearby was in the next county, and the wealth and luxury there was like nothing she'd imagined. But they were Yankees and had strange ways. That included dressing her in a scandalously revealing 'uniform', and when she showed her shyness, they changed that to nothing at all! Her body had been made by God, they said, and she shouldn't be ashamed of it.

What was more, her body was capable of giving a lot of pleasure, and God had clearly wanted it that way. But first they had to make sure she learned the obedience required of a servant girl. Since Charlotte's parents had ensured she was an obedient girl, that wasn't very difficult for them. The things they did to her shocked the innocent farm girl but brought her pleasure like she'd never imagined. She learned to always obey and that it was her duty to serve. And if that made people happy, then that was the way things were supposed to be. She knew her parents wouldn't have approved, but the heat baking her mind was a lot more exciting than what she got mucking out the barn in mid summer!

Fiction & Literature
9 July
JJ Argus

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