Transgender Profiles

Time for a Change

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Publisher Description

“A comprehensive and enlightening must-read primer for anyone who is beginning their transition from male to female or female to male.” —Jeanette Renee, TLC’s I Am Jazz

Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change is an inspirational volume from Linda DeFruscio about the courage it takes to become the person you have always felt you were inside—to shirk off the mask that you have worn for your whole life until this moment. As an electrologist, Linda sees clients every day who are in the process of transitioning to a different gender, and she is there to help them in their journey of self-expression and the claiming of their identity.

Filled with twenty unique stories of bravery from all different walks of life, this book is a tribute to all the courageous people who take their identity in their own hands and go forth to find the body that fits the soul and mind within. For those considering transitioning, for those looking for perspective and guidance in supporting loved ones, or for those who are curious and want to understand the struggles and triumphs of transgender individuals, Transgender Profiles is an invaluable resource.

“Not only does this work open one’s eyes and mind to the transgender community, it goes beyond that to remind us of the importance of loving and caring for one another. Thanks to people like Linda DeFruscio, our world is becoming a more accepting and safer place.” —Andrew J. Safioleas, PharmD, MBA, PRS, RPh, inpatient pharmacist and music instructor

“This clear, helpful collection tells many of our stories in the irreplaceable and accessible form of brief oral histories.” —Stephanie Burt, Professor of English, Harvard University

22 May
Brown Books Publishing Group