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Since his professional debut in 1996, Tiger Woods has reigned as the world's greatest living golfer, having single-handedly increased the popularity of the game and become one of the most recognized faces in the world. His major knee surgery in 2008 and his subsequent extended absence from professional play have raised questions about whether he will be able to return to the same level of play and fulfil his destiny that had before appeared all but assured. However, more than just Tiger's legacy hangs in the balance - his continued winning is crucial for the entire sport, so the stakes are huge for fans, the pro tour, the networks, sponsors, not to mention all the individuals and businesses that make a living off golf.

Journalist Robert Lusetich will follow Woods throughout the year at the tournaments he plays and interview tournament directors, agents, caddies, PGA Tour officials, sponsors, rival players and those inside Woods' camp to present a behind-the-scenes insider look at how the season unfolds. In addition to providing what is sure to be a compelling narrative of the tournament highlights, Lusetich will portray the tensions and atmosphere that happen off the course.

Woods has been compared to Secretariat because of his awesome capacity to win, no matter the odds, but if his comeback succeeds, perhaps the better equine analogy would be to Seabiscuit; the people's champion of the 1930s who inspired a nation down on its luck. Woods has rarely disappointed, and there is good reason to believe that 2009 will end as a remarkable year for Woods and his many fans.

May 13
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