Unscathed Beauty

Her darkest fight was her brightest light

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    • €8.99

Publisher Description

"Have you ever felt trapped - like part of you is missing? Maybe you've had your voice stolen, or perhaps nobody will listen? Maybe you screamed for freedom from the chains, but instead found yourself drowning in a lonely sea of shame. Have you been stuck on the merry-go round of life? Cycles repeat, through the day, echoed in nightmares and tears in the night." Kel inherited darkness and was robbed of her childhood innocence. She screamed at him, 'Don't fucking touch me! Get your hands away from me! If you ever touch my sister, I'll kill you!' Kel was barely 8 years old when she was shown 'what it was like to love.' The bravery it took her to break her silence 11 years later will move you, as piece by piece she brings her shards of shattered innocence together to discover her Unscathed Beauty. Maybe you're like her, Kelly Humphries, and somehow you got caught in a situation which turned your life upside down. With a vulnerability and rawness rarely seen, this journey will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. From the hilarious antics of the Queensland bush, and Kel's outback home, to the profound depths of betrayal and hurt that Kel shares in a way that few will dare. Kelly's darkest fight becomes her brightest light as she fearlessly reaches into the heart of child abuse and betrayal. Her hope and heart to break these cycles of abuse, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves by divulging, "her deepest, darkest secrets and how she found her way to the light". (Melissa Downs - Australian news broadcaster). As a survivor with a law enforcement background, through her story Kel will equip and empower you with strategies, ideas, insight, love and hope. Join with her as she unveils "Unscathed Beauty".

Health & Well-Being
8 April
Kelly Humphries