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I started my first accountancy practice with only £10.00 in my pocket. Less than 10 years later I was turning over £1M a year with zero debt and zero equity investments. I spent many late nights over the last decade and invested thousands and thousands of pounds in finding ways to turn an accountancy practice into a profitable machine while at the same time reducing its workload. 

This book contains the succinct details of the culmination of that research. And my practice is the evidence that it can be done. 

I waste no time with frills and long-winded language. I get straight to the point on how YOU can reduce your workload while increasing your profit. 

I can share all these secrets with you because accountants are not my competitors. Accountants are my clients. 

Using this book, you can IMMEDIATELY start increasing your productivity while reducing your workload. This book is short and to the point. It is designed to get you turning a profit NOW. 

My intent is for this book to become a manual for you, a handbook, something you turn to over and over again as you build your practice and reduce your workload a little more each month. I waste no time with wordage. I give you solution after solution, tool after tool, and share my personal experiences with them. 

These are the tools which WORK. No sales pitch, no PR. They get the job done, they reduce workload, and they are revolutionary in the accounting world. 

Of course no accountancy owner would ever tell you these things. 

Until now. 

Shoaib Aslam, ACA BFP FMAAT
CEO and Founder of We Run Your Practice

Business & Personal Finance
1 April
Shoaib Aslam