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It's not every day your best mate asks to you to have oral sex with his gorgeous wife. But I'm not an ordinary mate! Jennifer seemed incapable of giving her husband a b*****b and Jared had simply had enough of it! He knew I was something of an expert on the subject - the two had turned down countless invitations to our outrageous sex parties. Maybe it was the beer talking. Who knows? One thing was for sure, he was deadly serious when he asked me to teach her to give head. And I was only too happy to take the lovely young wife on as a student!


I opened the door and my cock instantly hardened at the sight of the pretty wife in her white, flowery summer dress. The cotton followed her toned curves precisely, to flatter her big bust and flat abdomen. I took her hand and drew her inside and then closed my mouth on hers without a word, as I pressed my own body against hers. She came to me without any resistance. She knew the rules of the game now.

“Ready for stage two?” I asked the question as we came up for air and the slight nod I got in return was good enough. I hoisted her over my shoulder and got an excited little shriek in return as I carried her up to the bedroom again. 

Setting her on her feet, I took Jennifer’s face in my hands and looked into those soft brown eyes. “This is step two,” I told her. “If you do well enough, we’ll go straight on to step three. Okay?” Another nod was good enough and I turned her by the shoulders to unzip her dress and the unclip her bra again, just like the day before. 

Turning her back around, I lowered my head to suckle on a nipple for a moment or two and then pushed her knickers down her toned legs. She stepped out of them without question and looked back up at me with anticipation in her eyes as she spoke for the first time. “Are you going to tie me up and gag me again?”

I pushed a finger into her mouth and her lips closed immediately around to suckle for a moment or two. “It depends how well you do,” I told her. “Are you going to be a good girl?” Another nod and I pushed her gently but firmly downwards. Interestingly, she didn’t sink to her knees but stayed crouching, with her back against the bed. That was a new direction and pretty hard-core, so I let her be. “Unzip me,” I told her. “Take me out!”

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June 16
Erotic Dreams

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