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Life Is All About Problems, Challenges, Questions, Answers, and Choices.

Yes, God Really Is Up There! provides answers for many of life’s questions. It has been written by a man whose earliest childhood memory is of shivering in the winter cold while trying to sleep on a bale of hay in a drafty barn somewhere in war-torn (WWII) Europe. His Mother was doing her best to comfort him, all the while listening to the bombers roaring overhead, and wondering what had happened to her husband, the boy’s Father.

It later came to light that he had been captured by Russian soldiers, and was bound for the labor camps of Siberia. How the Father escaped, found his wife and child, and once reunited they came to the United States, is a story for another day. Suffice it to say that, bringing only their clothes and old pots and pans, upon arrival they began to live the American Dream. (For more, read “About The Author” at the end of the book.)

The American Dream abounds with opportunities and obstacles for the native-born and immigrant alike; the author has been no exception - he encountered both. Amidst the victories and defeats, he came to realize that God Almighty really was and is “up there,” ever vigilant and always looking out for him. That very God can do the same for you. If you’re not sure that God really is “up there,” or you are going through “tough times,” you need to read this book.

In the pages of Yes, God Really Is Up There! you will learn that:

• You can be confident that God really and truly is “up there.” (Chapter 1)

• He knows you and cares about you. (Chapter 10)

• God wants to prosper you in all you do. (Chapter 6)

• He has a plan for your life. (Chapter 13)

• Your life is to be filled with meaning and purpose. (Chapter 14)

• You and your spouse can make your marriage and family a source of great joy. (Chapter 18)

• There may be a reason for the “tough times” you’re perhaps going through. (Chapter 20)

And — much, much more.

Religion & Spirituality
March 18
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