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What do I see when I look in the mirror?
I see a girl who just wants to be loved by her family, her best friend and…a guy she thought she’d never go for.

Someone should have told me sooner…that falling for a guy like that…was not a good idea.
At all.

Just past the halfway mark on her summer from hell weightloss journey, seventeen year old Annabelle Simms has lost a grand total of nine pounds. Which should have been great, but not where her mother was concerned. According to her, nine pounds wasn’t good enough and ridiculously slow considering she counted every calorie Annabelle ate and burned.

Already a star on the Royal Heights High School Baseball team, James Lawson wasn’t your average transfer student. Even with his ‘new guy’ status, he quickly becomes one of the ‘Kings of the Hallway’ and that alone should have been the red flag Annabelle needed to stay away from him. He’s arrogant, intense, rude and worst of all he seems like the kind of guy that usually gets what he wants. But the more time they spend together, it becomes difficult to stray away from those beautiful green eyes, especially with all the stress her mother is causing her.

Will Annabelle wake up and see James for what her ‘common sense’ declares him to be or will she ignore everything and open her heart, allowing James to capture her…care for her…..body, mind and soul?

Warning Contains Mature Scenes
Recommend for ages 17+
This is not a standalone novel. Book 1 in Y.A Series
Bonus material: Read Chapter 1 and 2 of 'The Truth About James'

Young Annabelle Series: 8 Books Total
Book 1: Young Annabelle
Book 2: The Truth About James
Book 3: What My Heart Wants
Book 4: You’re What I Want Book 5: Don’t Stop Holding Me
Book 6: It’s Me And You
Book 7: Me and My Boyfriend
Book 8: Us Against The World (Final)

Young Adult
6 October
Sarah Tork

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