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Irrespective of our individual life goals, we all just want to be happy. But how can we get there? Fortunately, life contains inherent intelligence designed to guide us to our very dreams. This intelligence has been expressed by the world's wisdom traditions as a series of truths which David calls "universal life principles." He has assembled what he considers to be the most important life principles—in a series of books called A Manual for Life—which serve as a foundation for the life of greater meaning, joy, and happiness which we all desire and deserve.

Truth can be found anywhere, including Hollywood. What makes some of the films out of Hollywood so magical is that they contain these fundamental life principles. We are basically seeing the truth of ourselves on the big screen being reflected back to us, and then we become inspired—sometimes enough to change our lives for the better.

Drawing on his background in psychology and spirituality, David analyzes some of Hollywood's most beloved and popular films, extracting the wisdom contained within as it applies to these critical life principles, and explaining it all in an easy-to-understand manner. He then gives exercises so that we can internalize these truths, put them into practice, and make real strides in improving our lives.

In this third book titled Powerful Thoughts and Beliefs, David analyzes the classic film Groundhog Day (1993) and the profound movie Vanilla Sky (2001) regarding the most important tools at our disposal when it comes to fulfilling our desires: thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The universe is designed to serve as a mirror, reflecting back to us what isn't working in our lives so that we can correct it and find improvement. This dynamic is mediated by the Law of Attraction. While we can do nothing about this universal law, we can empower ourselves by converting our negative thinking and the negative beliefs behind them into positive energy. We all know about the power of our minds, but few know how to access and use it, especially because of the unhealed emotional wounds of our past that hold us back. This book shows how we can harness that power and break free from the vicious cycle of our mundane lives in order to create the very life of our dreams.

Life is ultimately about learning, growing, and evolving. Why not do it in a fun, entertaining, and inspiring way?

Health & Well-Being
August 14
David MacKay

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