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ZIFORAH: In The Beginning. Book One. October 2020. Illustrated.

Ziforah is a series of five illustrated science fiction books, which will be written between 2020 and 2024 by Juliette A H Cavendish. Written for young adult readers, (11+) the first book has been dedicated to the children of the world who are in lockdown from the Covid19 Pandemic. The series is written to provide escapism, scientific discovery and is full of escapism, fantasy and adventure.

Travel to Ziforah and her eight moons with Antares, Death, Piius and Edrice as they attend the exclusive Ziforah Space Cadet Academy. Journey to the edge of the universe and find out what might be lurking in the shadows. Discover new technologies and the hidden properties of dark matter. Fly through wormholes and discover the secrets of the information within the spaces.

Meet the Abandoned, who feeds off despair and has been trapped in a parallel universe since before time began. Will he escape and wreak havoc around the universe?

Fly through space on the space horses to Ziforah's moon Saffron, or take the river boat to Cerulean. Discover why NIL is made from Platinum 52X. Attempt SPLAT language and find out what makes Rubimorts so special! Eat genetically created foods and fly through the air in flying cars. What happens when a discovery is made that might allow humans to travel into a parallel universe? Join the Cadets as they learn to fly the space craft.

Ziforah is a story like no other, that will capture the imagination of every person who has ever dreamed of exploring space, visiting new worlds and

discovering alien life forms. Ziforah is illustrated by the Romanian artist ikaruna, who will be illustrating the five books in the series.

There is a companion website to Ziforah and readers can join the Ziforah Space Cadet Academy, which allows access to readings, competitions and more information about Ziforah. The website can be accessed at www.ziforah.com

Young Adult
28 October
London Red Publishing

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