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Do you want to know some underrated beaches in Asia which conserve the beauty of nature?

Do you want to go have fun at some extraordinary parties with the ocean as the background setting?

Do you want to witness the beauty of under-water world that Asian countries preserve? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you....

50 Things to Know About the Best Beaches in Asia: From Underrated Beaches to Luxurious Resort Beaches by Dian Pramesti and Hanum Gitarina offers a list of beaches you would find in Asia, in accordance to the type of the beach and the activities provided by the beach.

Most books on world’s best beaches tell you only some top rated beaches that people would usually visit during their trip.

Although there's nothing wrong with that, but it would be regretful if you miss the more beautiful beaches with the most beautiful nature if you do not know that those beaches exist in Asia. 

Based on knowledge from the world's leading experts you will be able to discover some beaches that are not that often visited, as well as some of the best spots for the activity you want to have in Asia.

From this audiobook, you'll discover 50 things to know about the beaches in Asia, from the underrated ones to the luxurious ones, to the ones that are used to party and some great spots to do some water sports.

This book will help you to know which Asian beach will be your vacation mate.

By the time you finish this book, you will know that Asia consists of so many beautiful beaches, whether it is broadly known or not, that become home to the beauty of nature, as well as the pleasure of human beings.

So grab YOUR copy today. You'll be glad you did.

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