A K-9 Christmas Reunion A K-9 Christmas Reunion
K-9 Companions

A K-9 Christmas Reunion

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Can one special dog…

Make this a Christmas to remember?

Struggling to manage his father’s dementia while raising two young sons, widower Nathan Crenshaw is desperate for help. That is, until his dad’s new service dog arrives with an unexpected guest—trainer Gemma Spencer, the woman who broke his heart fifteen years ago. Now Nathan must spend the holidays working alongside his first love and ignoring their rocky history. But when Gemma steps up for his family after a near tragedy, old feelings start to resurface. With their future uncertain, can matchmaking relatives and a K-9 turn the New Year into their second chance?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

K-9 Companions

Book 1: Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner
Book 2: Finding Her Way Back by Lisa Carter
Book 3: The Veteran's Vow by Jill Lynn
Book 4: Her Easter Prayer by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 5: Earning Her Trust by Brenda Minton
Book 6: Guarding His Secret by Jill Kemerer
Book 7: An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh
Book 9: A Reason to Stay by Deb Kastner
Book 10: The Veteran's Holiday Home by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 11: An Alaskan Christmas Promise by Belle Calhoune
Book 12: A Steadfast Companion by Myra Johnson
Book 14: A Friend to Trust by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 15: Her Alaskan Companion by Heidi McCahan
Book 16: A Companion for Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 17: Her Christmas Healing by Mindy Obenhaus
Book 18: Finding Their Way Back by Jenna Mindel
Book 19: Their Inseparable Bond by Jill Weatherholt
Book 20: Bonding with the Babies by Deb Kastner
Book 21: Her Son's Faithful Companion by Jill Weatherholt
Book 22: Training the K-9 Companion by Jill Kemerer
Book 23: A Companion for His Son by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 24: Her Loyal Companion by Heidi Main
Book 25: A K-9 Christmas Reunion by Lisa Carter
Book 26: His Christmas Salvation by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 27: Guarding Her Christmas Secret by Jill Weatherholt
Book 28: A Faithful Guardian by Louise M. Gouge
Book 29: The Veteran's Valentine Helper by Lee Tobin McClain
Book 30: Rescue on the Farm by Allie Pleiter

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