Before You Say Anything: How to Have Better Conversations, Love Public Speaking, and Finally Know What to Do with Your Hands (Unabridged‪)‬

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Having a hard time getting your voice heard in meetings? Does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide under the table? Do you dread difficult conversations or feeling put on the spot? Learn the secret to unlocking confident and effective communication, whether you’re talking to one person or 1,000!

We have all had those moments that haunt us in the wee hours of the night: the times we could have spoken up and didn’t, and the times we spoke up and it went badly. It can feel like those experiences are inevitable, but communication coach Angie Flynn-McIver is here to share the time-tested three-part process she uses with her clients.

The communication scenarios we find ourselves in vary widely, but the process Flynn-McIver shares will apply no matter where you are: presenting a report to the C-suite, giving tough feedback to a colleague, or even negotiating a curfew with your teenager. Flynn-McIver and her team of coaches have honed this method over more than 15 years of coaching thousands of clients in fields as varied as accounting, consulting, the ministry, education, politics, and the arts.

Before You Say Anything describes a new and innovative approach to connecting, creating results, and feeling confident about how you communicate. You’ll understand why you’re speaking, how to support your message with your body language and voice, and how to practice so that you’re ready for the big speech and the off-the-cuff opportunity.

This entertaining audiobook gives you a speaking coach right in your pocket. Flynn-McIver’s light, warm style feels like she’s there cheering you on, offering timely advice on when, how, and why to speak up. The audiobook is packed with stories, case studies, client examples, and direct suggestions on exactly how to improve your communication skills. No need to wait: You can test out each element of the process with specific exercises at the end of each section. Buy Before You Say Anything today.

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