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Should you listen to this book? Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency, blockchain...why would you care, right?  

Well, pioneers in the industry such as HSBC, VISA, Ford, BMW, DHL, Siemens, Shell, Delta, Walmart, Pfizer, MetLife, Maersk, British Airways, Facebook, Walt Disney, IBM, Nestle, Samsung, Toyota, Apple, Bank of America...as a matter of fact even Amazon is already invested in learning, and started using blockchain technology. FinTech Companies realized that smart contracts are changing the world of doing business, utilizing the blockchain technology. 

Moreover, there are thousands of new startups investing everyday into blockchain, adopting to the technology of the future! Blockchain is already terminating trusted third party services, and replaced them with mathematical algorithms, and digital signatures. Faster and cheaper payment transactions, in fact employee payments can be done not daily, but every second. 

Better data security by eliminating single point of failure. Blockchain will revolutionize a wide variety of businesses. Blockchain technology is influencing the future of doing business, therefore instead of falling behind, take advantages now, and learn about blockchain today! 

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You will learn: 

Brief history of finance, and it's revolution 
What triggered the birth of the blockchain 
Who invented the blockchain as well Bitcoin 
Generic understanding of Bitcoin 
What is the distributed ledger system 
Who are the miners and what's is their responsibility 
Understanding step by step how each block gets created 
How blockchain works, and why can not be hacked 
How blockchain benefits business purposes 
How it improves data integrity
How it fundamentally changes the future of doing business
How it enhances data security 
Advantages of peer-to-peer network 
Hashing fundamentals 
What is ASCI encoding 
Basic cryptography requirements 
Digital signatures 
Logarithm basics 
Diffie Hellman key exchange 
Why elliptic curve cryptography is required 
How to encode arbitrary data 
Checksum value requirements 
What are vanity addresses 
What is the great ledger 
Understanding Hardforks and Softforks 
What is Segwit and how it fixes transaction malleability 
What is lightning network and more

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Scott Clem
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8 dicembre
Boris Weiser