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This guide is the most complete and updated collection available on bodyweight exercise. It’s the summary of everything you need to know about it.

This is a scientific text, the result of 13 months of work, selected, built and assembled by 5 of our best trainers with more than 10 years of experience in Calisthenics. It contains not only the best and most updated pieces of information in 2020, but it’s the result of practical experience of training.

This book is powerfull because is honest, Fitness Academy doesn’t want to sell to you a new revolutionary method or magical solutions. We prefer to show you the subject in a scientific and objective way, in order to give you the necessary knowledge for you to train correctly and effectively.

Studies show that bodyweight Calisthenics training is one of the best activities for:
- Body recomposition: burns fats, define your muscles and start the process of muscular hypertrophy.- Improve all the primary physical skills, like resistence, power, strength and agility.- Improve your body’s shape making you feel healthier and younger (biological rejuvenation). 
In this guide you will find:
- How to be slim, agile, strong, muscular and healthy.- Complete workout programs for beginners and advanced professionals with instructions and advices for your training.- Targeting for all muscle areas, upper and lower: arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, quadriceps, back thighs muscles, gluteus and calves.- All the most effective bodyweight that can be done anytime and everywhere. This guide doesn’t only mean to show you the best techniques to get guaranteed and lasting results in the shortest time, but most of all it wants to make you a complete and autonomous athlete.- Scientific and detailed explanations for every exercise.

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