Chain of Feathers Chain of Feathers

Chain of Feathers

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Roll over and die, or become so strong nothing can stop him.

Cast into a brutal military camp by his once loving master, Mateo feels like the last six wonderful years of his life have been a lie. With the mysteries surrounding him growing, Mateo knows that his only option is to become one of the supernaturally powerful Duelists and grow in power until he can take his fate into his own hands.

That plan is thwarted from the beginning when he gets stuck with the lowest-ranked Root Card against his will, ensuring that his growth as a Duelist will always be excruciatingly slow. To make matters worse, the camp he has been thrown into is completely cutthroat, and survival isn’t guaranteed by a long shot.

Saddled with two other kids that he has never met before and a crow spirit bound to him by an ethereal chain, Mateo will need every ounce of courage, resilience, and mental acuity he can muster if he wants to make it out of the training camp alive.

Don't miss the start of the next great Fantasy LitRPG Series by Seth Ring, author of the best-selling Battle Mage Famer and Nova Terra. Grab your copy today and join Mateo as he ascends through the flames of war.

About the Series: Following a weak-to-strong protagonist, this series mixes epic fantasy action, mystery, cultivation, and a world with endless depth where little is as it first appears. This LitRPG/GameLit series is perfect for readers who enjoy exploring rich worlds and complex characters.

Ramón De Ocampo
29 ottobre
Dreamscape Media