Circle B Ranch: Volume One: Circle B Ranch Volume Sets, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Meet three Southern men who work hard, but play harder.

Living on a ranch isn’t easy, but neither is falling in love.

Hitching the Cowboy

Deciding to give their spontaneous Vegas marriage a chance, Zoey moves from her big city life to a small-town Texas ranch. She has to figure out if the connection she shared with Riley Bishop is deeper than their one-night stand before announcing to her family she got hitched to a cowboy.

One moment changes everything—for better or worse—and a secret could destroy them both.

Catching the Cowboy

Spending time together is a bad idea, but neither can deny the chemistry sizzling between them. Private talks turn into late night adventures and just when Rowan Bishop’s willing to admit how she feels about her brother’s best friend, Diesel’s past ruins their picture perfect romance.

One secret turns into another and before either can grasp their new reality, more truths unravel—threatening to expose their forbidden relationship.

Wrangling the Cowboy

After months of giving Maize Bishop space, Gavin grows tired of waiting for her to admit what they both want—a second round between the sheets. It may only take eight seconds to win a bull riding championship, but he’ll prove to her that he can go all night long.

She’s younger, he’s too arrogant, and together, they’re electric—the perfect recipe for disaster.

Volume one contains the first three full-length interconnected stand-alone novels in the Circle B Ranch series. It’s the second generation spin-off from the Bishop Brothers series. You don’t need to listen to any other books beforehand to enjoy these! Suggested for mature listeners only.

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