Computer Hacking and Penetration Testing for Beginners: Cybersecurity Career Guide to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to discover how to use Kali Linux?

Do you want to become an ethical hacker?

If your answer is yes, buy this audiobook now!

Kali Linux has become a key skill in the range of the professional penetration testers. This audiobook will provide you information and key industry insights that will help you stress testing both your wired and wireless network, which will help you better configure, manage, and operate your infrastructure.

This audiobook is designed to anyone who wants to become an ethical hacker or penetration tester in the field of cybersecurity.

In this audiobook you will discover:

Linux Fundamentals
Must Have Pentesting Software and Hardware
How to Install Virtual Box and Kali Linux
Penetration Testing Fundamentals
Penetration Testing Types and Standards
Pen Testing Stage 1 to Stage 3
How to Discover Hosts Using Port Scanning
Footprinting Fundamentals
How to Use Metasploitable
How to Spider with SQL Injection
How to Setup a Burp Suite Proxy
How to Discover Devices Using HPING3
How to Deploy SQL Injection Using SQLMAP
How to Deploy Arp Poisoning Using Ettercap
How to Randomize Session Tokens
How to Deploy Passive Reconnaissance Using Kali Linux
How to Deploy Dictionary Attack Using Airodump-Ng
How to Deploy Syn Scan Attack
How to Capture Traffic Using Port Mirroring
How to Deploy a Mitm Attack Using Ettercap
How to Implement Mitm Attack Using Sslstrip
How to Deploy Deauthentication Attack
How to Manipulate Packet Using Scapy
How to Implement Evil Twin Deauth Attack Using MDK3
How to Deploy Hail Mary Using Armitage
How to Use the Metasploit Framework
How to Deploy Dos Attack Using MKD3
How to Use the Social-Engineering Toolkit
How to Capture Ipv6 Packet Using Parasite6
How to Implement Brute Force Attack Using TCP Hydra
How to Capture Traffic Using Xplico

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