Dark Erotica, Volume I (Unabridged‪)‬

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Welcome to Dark Erotica a Mars Audio Books collection of three domination and submission stories by acclaimed BDSM author Claire Thompson.

In this volume, three of the author's finest D/s works are presented as a single boxed set for your pleasure listening. Three finely crafted stories depicting tales of slave training, pain, lust, submission and the demands of powerful, handsome Masters. More often than not, the road to submission paves the way to finding true emotional bliss, to finding the one thing that others simply do not understand - the joy of being a true submissive in every way to your Master's hand. As long, of course, as the submission is not forced submission. For if so...then what? 

Prepare to find out as you sink deep in to the depths of the following three stories of darkest erotica.

'The Auction':

Filthy Rich and sexually dominant, Adam is used to getting what he wants. With no time for the emotional complications of romance, bidding a highly trained sex slave strikes him as the ideal solution. But Carly is more than he bargains for…

'The Abduction of Kelsey':

Kelsey had no idea her mild-mannered boss was secretly and dangerously obsessed with her. Held against her will in a secluded cabin, she is subjected to a relentless barrage of sexual training and mind control, counterbalanced by James’ terrifying declarations of love. As Kelsey succumbs to his rigid control, she must summon the will to survive, while edging precariously close to the brink of madness.

'No Safeword':

When the brooding, mysterious owner of Asheville’s premiere underground BDSM club makes Jaime the offer of a lifetime, she jumps at the chance to experience The Enclave, a secluded community dedicated to the passionate realization of a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle. Against the backdrop of a luxurious mountain resort, Jaime’s rigorous, full-immersion indoctrination begins.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This audiobook is a work of fiction and is intended as adult fantasy only. It contains content that some listeners may find objectionable.

Cressida Wolf, Josh Walker, Anne-Marie Amberson
h min
28 febbraio
Mars Audio Books