Dunamis! Power from on High!: Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit & Fire (Unabridged‪)‬

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Millions of believers around the world at this very moment are earnestly, and in some cases, desperately, crying out for God's help in real overwhelming needs in their life, on the premise that it is divine intervention they need to bring answers and resolution to those problems. But, Jesus said, the Kingdom of God is within you! Which means the authority and power of the Kingdom of God is within every believer who has been regenerated, i.e., born-again, by the infusion of the Holy Spirit in their human spirit!

Jesus himself testified to the early disciples and every other disciple of every age, "You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you to be my witnesses!" (Ac. 1:8). The only way to be effective witnesses of the resurrected Christ is through the power believers receive through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire! Jesus was the heavenly prototype of the sons of God! And as the Heavenly Model he received the power he needed to perform the works of power, miracles, signs and wonders he performed throughout his personal earthly ministry when he himself was baptized in the Holy Spirit. In so doing, Jesus, set the precedent for every other Son of God (believer) to likewise receive the power he operated in through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire to fulfill his Word that the works that he did and even greater works shall believers do!

Within every Spirit-baptized believer is the same authority and power that raised Christ from the dead and that Jesus himself operated in to heal the sick, halt, paralyzed; open blind eyes and deaf ears; cleanse lepers; cast out demons; raise the dead, feed the 5,000 and 3,000; and walk on water is available to every Spirit-baptized believer! The only way to receive the power of God into your life is by receiving the same baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire that Jesus himself received. Dunamis! Power from on High! is a journey to receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire!

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Steven Lambert
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