Emotional Intelligence Mastery: 4 Books in 1: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence for Leadership, Empath Healing, How to Analyze People (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to feel happier? Are you longing for a change in your personal and work life? Are you tired of being a follower? Are you ready to become a leader?

The healthiest way to deal with depression and anxiety disorder

In cognitive behavioral therapy, you learn about this short-term method of freedom that helps you recognize and analyze your symptoms in order to find the source of your problems. 

Your mind controls everything you do and feel, and you control your mind. This cognitive method is going to help you take over your life and change your habits and your entire mentality until you feel complete and happy.

Don’t be just a leader. Be a good leader.

Leadership is not easy. It takes hard work, skills, and strong emotional intelligence to become a good and effective leader. But what is emotional intelligence? Are you born with it, or is it something you can develop?

In Emotional Intelligence for Leadership, you will find all the information you need in order to improve and test your emotional intelligence and adaptability. After listening to this, you’ll be more than able to lead a team or a project effectively and confidently.

It’s all about the energy you feel.

Do you know what an empath is? In Empath Healing, you’ll learn everything about the main traits, levels, types, and abilities of an empath.

You are in control of your emotions, and, similarly, you’re in control of what comes your way. If you set the energy boundaries, you’ll life will unfold exactly as you wish it to.

Master the art of effortless communication.

It’s incredible what you can do if you know how to speak to people. It’s all about confidence, giving a sense of authority. It’s about knowing how to read people in order to act accordingly.

How to Analyze People is the ultimate guide to effective and effortless communication. This chapter will teach you the arts of persuasion and ethical manipulation.

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