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Does the idea of talking in public speaking fill you with dread? What are you going to say? How are you going to say it? Will you stumble over your words? Will the audience understand and what if they don't like you?
Whether it's standing up in a meeting at work, making a speech at a wedding or just talking normally while others listen - public speaking is the most common fear and the majority of people will try to get out of it or "get it over with" as quickly as possible.

Even if you don't mind public speaking, there will be times when you are in unfamiliar circumstances, have to present an unpopular message or get put on the spot and you need a little bit of help.

Over 20 years, Ed Percival, leading Trainer and Coach, has helped some of the most successful people in business, entertainment and sport to become great presenters, regardless of their levels of nerves. And now you can learn his secrets to delivering with precision and confidence and mostly importantly enjoy making an impact.

Through simple, easy to follow and proven instructions, you will learn the key principles to public speaking and presenting in any context. In this two part audio book, Ed will show you how to:

Stand in front of any size audience and connect with them almost instantly
Develop your own voice so it becomes an 'instrument' not an 'accident'
Make your message clearer and more powerful
Use your time effectively to structure your presentation, so that your audience understands and remembers your message
Be confident as yourself and communicate authentically with any size audience, from small meetings to large conferences
Make your messages clear and memorable, so you don't need to rely on PowerPoint or a script
Be flexible and deal with questioning, losing your train of thought, difficult situations, or being put on the spot
Actually enjoy being in the 'spot light'. www.leadingworks.com and www.edpercival.com

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