Forex for Beginners: The Basics of Forex Trading to Earn Every Day with Simple Strategies Tips & Tricks Exploiting Also the Market Swing Using the Right Psychology, Discipline and Money Management. (Unabridged‪)‬

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Would you like to learn how to earn your first dollar with Forex trading? If yes, keep reading.

After all, is said and done, Forex has become the most luxurious type of investment everyone else, including me, is highly likely to indulge in one way or the other. In Forex, one can be a broker, provide a platform for others to trade or, as normally as you guessed it, be a trader. It is not anything mystical that people have flourished in this business with others earning a fortune from it while others tend to just trade in it with the least they can grasp. Unlike in the 19th century where Forex was mostly for banks and the elite, the 21st century has brought Forex right into our homes with the introduction of the numerous brokers, platforms, and the internet. Actually, Forex trading is right into our own bedrooms as put by one of the most successful traders, “I trade well in the night in my bed”. But then success, as always stated, does not have to come that easy, especially for the armatures. You have to put in the work and above all have tips and a reliable source of information providing you with tips on the best trading strategies one could be able to imagine of to earn as much as you probably can and at the shortest time of learning.

This is where I come in with the Forex for Beginners audiobook.

This audiobook will talk or touch on several topics that cover the Forex trade. It introduces you as the listener into the Forex life. It also gives you the reasons why one should choose Forex. Also, it covers the advantages and disadvantages of Forex trade. The audiobook also dwells on principles of currencies. This actually a good for people who do or want to dwell in investments. One may ask why we trade Forex. This audiobook gives everything about that and more. It gives tips on how to choose a broker. It also looks at strategies such as fundamental analysis and technical analysis. It analyses the differences between these two and the pros and cons of each of the analysis. It also looks at the mechanics of trading. This playing with the numbers to see what the risk, profits are and even loses. Another important thing is learning the discipline in trading. One learns what it is important, and also the psychological and money discipline is learned. The other thing is trading psychology which explains deeply on how Forex works. Money management and a trading plan is another thing that is discussed, and finally, one is taken step-by-step on what to do on the first operation.

What does someone learn or gain from this book?

One learns on the secrets of the trade.
Another thing learned is how to choose a broker.
One learns the strategies which he or she can use to trade in the Forex market.
Life investments are put as a major priority.
So, want to know more? Are you intrigued by the topic above? Then buy and listen to this audiobook now!

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6 aprile
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