French Common Words: Learn 1000 Words to Get Fluent in Conversations, Improve Vocabulary, and Skip Boring Grammar Lessons for Beginners with a Language Learning Technique that Works Even in Your Car (Unabridged‪)‬

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Are You Looking for a Fast and Easy Way to Learn French Most Common Words? Then Keep Reading....

People all over the world are beginning to see the value in learning the french language, and its education is being added to many curriculums all over the world. Getting ahead of this now and making yourself a valuable asset internationally will allow you to make your mark in society. You will be able to combine travel with work in order to have a greater wealth of job options and with that, a greater wealth of options for places to live. 

This book contains everything from the structure of a sentence to pronunciation and common uses of the language like how to order in a restaurant and how to book a hotel room. Taking this book with you on your travels to a French-speaking place will give you all of the tools you need to get around easily, make all of your travel arrangements, and even have casual conversations with locals!

This guide will take your French speaking skills to new heights! Includes everything you need to know in order to begin speaking French right away!

This Book Will Teach You:

Learn conversational and practical French 
Broken down into sections so that this book can continue to help you 
Includes a quiz at the end of each chapter 
Includes a guide to how to get the most out of this book 
This book not only contains survival French but French for every possible scenario 
Includes a section on texting in French so you can ask that special someone on a date
Includes a final section with tips on where to go after listening to this book 

No more awkwardly fumbling with translation apps - this can all be done in your head and translated instantly when you know the French language. It will make traveling a breeze and will even expose you to new people and cultures. 

Don't wait any longer! Begin learning the French language now by clicking the purchase button!

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