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Note: This e-course was originally available as The 4 Hour Publisher. If you own that ebook, you don't need this one. Check for titles in the Beyond Bestseller Author Platform e-courses on topics such as the review system, how authors use Twitter, and becoming a reader-focused author.

"Throughout this book there is an enthusiastic drive that doesn't let you forget for a moment that you, yes YOU, can actually do this, without waiting for the weather to improve or the recession to end." —Excerpted from areview by Robin Piggott, Limerick, Ireland

About the E-Courses: Being part of the digital revolution as a writer who also knows how to publish, is spectacularly rewarding. And why wouldn't it be? For the first time in history, you can take your own idea from conception, through your drafts and revisions, work with your own editor, and decide exactly when it's time to hit the "PUBLISH" button. Whether you are preparing an author platform because your publisher said you must, or you're ready to participate in independent publishing on your own, this is your starting point.

Do you know the one thing authors must focus on in this altered world of publishing? It's this: People are reading more than ever before, and they are looking for your books. The Author Platform E-Courses train you to publish and market so that you show up where they're looking.

These e-courses are informed by five years of teaching hundreds of people how to enter the digital conversation. Bloggers, authors, and new writers have asked just about every question at our meetings of Bay Area Bloggers Society. We have taught each other, and now this rich source is available to anyone ready to do the work.

In this e-course, learn how to manage your time to produce a short series for digital readers. For first-timers, this e-course takes you from a stranger to a participant in the new publishing conversation. See how the upload process works, and learn the basics of your platform to begin marketing and attracting your own readership.

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