Law of Attraction: How to Use Vibrations to Manifest Wealth and More (2 in 1‪)‬

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A 2-book combo that includes the following two books:

Book 1: Have you ever heard of the “Secret?” This book talks about the law of attraction and how it really works. But for some, certain lessons from that book may not have been obvious enough. That’s why we will discuss some of the most important conclusions you can safely draw from that book.

Along with that, we will go over some motivational myths out there that people actually believe. Some people misunderstand what real motivation is, and why it’s not a simple formula that brings miracles if you don’t do anything about it.

Last but not least, this quick, comprehensive guide will explain the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and how you can leverage both of those concepts to your best interests.

Book 2: You may be familiar with the law of attraction, but I bet there are still some principles that you don’t fully comprehend, simply because you have never heard about them. Some of those principles include the following:

The psychology of self-discipline. In this book, you will learn more about what it means to have self-discipline. You will get some steps and keys to develop more of it to your advantage.

Conscientiousness is a difficult word many people may have heard, but don’t fully understand either. This principle applies to the innate depths of our souls, and is very significant when it comes to manifesting what you want from the universe.

Ego depletion is another topic we will address. This topic is so misunderstood that most people haven’t figured out how to overcome the problems related to it. If you get yourself educated on this term, there will be no stopping you from achieving what you want.

Sherra Swapp
h min
21 agosto
A to Z Publishing