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Feeling down? Numb? A little lost? Not getting much done? This guided meditation will bring you back to your essential divine self of lightness of being, clarity and purpose.

Recommended only for people who are not on medication for depression.

The support offered in this guided meditation is based on psychic observations on the origins of depression by psychically seeing how energy operates in the human aura.

From psychic observation, the causes of many non-medical, long-lasting depression usually originate in childhood.

If a child is not protected, encouraged to explore, given attention, simply not had his/her basic needs met, he loses contact with his essential being -- the source of his/her true identity and a guide as to how to proceed in life in a way that is best for him/her. As an adult, unable to access this important information, one feels down, foggy, unmotivated, unable to move.

Healing lies in healing childhood wounds. This guided meditation does not address deep healing. It is meant to lift you out of your depression, so you can take steps toward deep healing.

The purpose of this guided meditation is to help you:
Connect with your essential selfGain clarityLift heavy energiesOpen your heart to receive the goodness of the UniverseFill with energy and vitalityMove toward constructive action, even take steps to heal at the deep level
In the guided meditation, you will be asked questions. Your conscious mind will offer answers. Your subconscious mind will also offer answers that sound quieter, are in the back of the conscious answers. Stay alert to perceive those quieter answers and insights. They offer the truth about your situation.

The guided meditation is about 26 min. 10 min. of just music follow so you can stay longer in the uplifting, positive energy.

Dawn McLelland, narrator. Music by Thaddeus.

Headphones are recommended.

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