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This book is a strong collection of extremely dark and scary short stories that cuts across a variety of horrific events. The stories contain a range of horror devices like vengeful ghosts, unnameable monsters, bloodcurdling absurdities and shadowy secrets; making it the perfect book to fall back onto on dark nights when you seek to be thrilled and thrown into fear. The stories herein are also ideal for camp nights, sleepovers, and other similar gatherings.

Telling scary stories in the dark is an age-long culture and this collection seeks to reinforce that culture with a fresh style. The stories explore a variety of horror that have been crafted nicely to fit the contemporary society and even, in one of the stories, inject a science feel to the horror like in the story, "Becoming".

The stories have been written to suit the general needs of listeners of all ages as evidenced in the teen/adult characters in the stories. In addition to the very common horror settings such as abandoned mansions, the woods, basement, and attics, the stories introduce other new environments such as the apocalyptic setting in the story titled "Last Man on Earth" - a testament to its progressiveness. In the story "October 30th", a tale of the annual, horror festival is told in a fresh tone. Most of the stories touch on the inevitable horror - death. "Ghost House" tells an enthralling and fast paced story and so does "Miss Fairborn’s Auction".

There is a general belief that books give a wider room for imaginations - even wider than the room that watching a movie affords you, and truthfully so. These tales, when listened to in the dark, will leave you with much to imagine - an arm covered in goose bumps and the back of your neck with all the hackles on their ends. The curtains you see might not be curtains. The mirrors, too, might become home to many faces and the old man by the road might not be what you think he is. Welcome to the home of scary and macabre tales.

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Francis Nicholas Stein
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16 settembre
Alessio Aloisi

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