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Is one lover ever enough?

Alexandra Noir and Bambi Hammer think the answer is "Who has just one lover???" 

These seven stories of group fun all from 2019 are certain to fill you with ideas, wear you out, and leave you wanting more and more and more.  

In "Teaching the Babysitter and her Boyfriend", an experienced couple come home early to discover that their babysitter and their boyfriend have found their collection of sex toys! Far from being angry, they decide to tutor the younger couple in how to use them! 

In "The Odd Couple and Me", Tim, a regular small-town guy, is minding his own business in a small-town bar when a young couple approach him. Chelsea and Don are just passing through and looking for some fun. Tim takes a while to catch on, but then he realizes that what they have in mind is some full-on action. But why him? Maybe it’s best not to ask. 

In "Masquerade", Misha King is used to playing it safe. She always abides by the rules, pays her bills on time and been the most doting girlfriend a man could ask for! However, that all changes when her boyfriend hooks up with a new girl and dumps Misha on the night of their three year anniversary. 

Alone for the first time since college, Misha is learning to find herself when she realizes that a holiday she had booked for them both is coming up and she has no idea what to do. Encouraged to go alone, she puts the second ticket up for sale and is instantly overwhelmed by the number of requests for it. It is then that she learns her destination is also hosting a masquerade ball, specifically for swingers. 

In "Queen of the Geeks", Julie is the queen bee of her pub trivia team, which features three guys and her. She’s sure the team can win big, but they keep coming second because the menfolk don’t take it seriously enough. Eventually she makes a commitment - to give the guys a special reward if they bring their "A game" to the bar and win. 

In "Snowglobe", a group of friends go on a retreat in the mountains. Away from their regular lives and pressures, secrets come out. Some have never experienced anal pleasures while others fantasize about group experiences. By the end of their time together nothing will ever be the same for them. 

In "Mom's Special Massage", new parents, Neil and Kirstie, are finally able to take a vacation alone! They make it all the way to a tropical hideaway where fantasies are revealed and tensions rise. Neil finally decides to take it upon himself to help Kirstie fulfill her fantasy of being with two men at once! 

In "The Doctor and His Interns", an annual physical takes a turn for the exciting when Anna's doctor has two sexy interns observing him that day. Can she handle some in depth attention from three men?

Ruby Rivers
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