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Tiffany White offers a clear blueprint that will guide you towards a happier, more socially active life. In her book, you’ll find step-to-step guides to managing stressful situations and building healthy lifestyle habits that have been proven to reduce anxiety.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find in the Social Anxiety Workbook:

How to know whether your social anxiety needs specialist treatment or can be treated with natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and self-help techniques
Essential techniques to manage anxiety, such as breathing, visualizations, and physical activity
How to prevent social anxiety by crafting a less stressful, healthier lifestyle and developing your social skills
How to apply the techniques of CBT (a type of psychotherapy) without necessarily having to go to a professional therapist
And much, much more! 

In short, you’re just one click away from a happier, less anxious life! 

Self-esteem is about liking yourself, your motivation, and your aptitudes. If your self-esteem is high, you’re able to achieve your goals and maintain a balanced life. You’re not discouraged by problems. You know that you deserve happiness, so you’re not afraid to make changes to your life. You think positively and this attracts positive people to you.

Sounds good? Just follow the blueprint in this book! It offers a clear, practical guide to boosting your self-esteem by applying a variety of life-changing techniques.

You will:

Reveal the most frequent causes of low self-esteem and the key strategies for overcoming them.
Build healthy habits of self-care and self-love that will make you feel better physically and mentally: learn how to eat well, follow an energy-boosting exercise regime, and build a stress-reducing daily routine.
Discover proven strategies to set motivating goals and find the courage to bring actual change into your life without having to fear failure.
Learn how to help a loved one who suffers from low self-esteem – the book even offers an exact list of things you should and should not say to someone if you want to show support and actually help them.
Boost your social skills and attract amazing people with your newly-discovered confidence! 

Excessive anger is very common and is often a product of a high-paced, stressful world we live in. Not even children are immune. 

So if you want to know how to deal with your anger, or help someone close to you with this issue, here’s what you get with this ultimate anger management book: 

A guide that will help you understand your anger and find the source of it 
Relaxing techniques to help you calm your emotions
Tips on how to behave in different social situations and scenarios with examples
Strategies for recognizing your anger triggers to avoid or eliminate them
A list of physical exercises and activities you can use to help bring down your anger
How to deal with aggressive behavior
Techniques that will make you the master of your emotions and emotional reactions
Managing anger in children – tips, techniques and methods for parents
And so much more! 

Anger issues can seriously threaten your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. But your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, so take steps to regain control and free yourself from negative and angry emotions! 

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