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You can get in the best shape of your life...training less than 3 hours per week. (Seriously).

Struggling to build muscle, burn fat, or even stick with a healthy diet and fitness program for longer than a fortnight? Get bored with your training program after just a few weeks and end up back at square one? Get frustrated at looking in the mirror and seeing zero results? Just want a clear, effective strength training program that'll actually get you somewhere?

It ain't surprising. There's so much conflicting advice in the health and fitness industry...and there's another new fitness fad every week. But sculpting a lean, athletic, awesome physique through strength training isn't as hard as you'd believe....and it also doesn't involve training five, six, seven days per week. In fact I don't recommend weight training for more than three hours per week.

I'm Marc McLean, an online personal training and nutrition coach, fitness author, and owner of Weight Training Is the Way. With 18 years of strength training experience, I've pulled together the most effective exercises and training secrets. Best of all: They're here along with a simplified formula that allows you to easily create your own strength training programs.

Strength Training Program 101: Build Muscle & Burn Fat...in Less Than 3 Hours Per Week is a master plan that'll help you become a stronger, healthier, better version of you. Best of all it's a straightforward guide for training and staying motivated that you won't get bored of and want to quit after a few weeks!

In this audiobook you'll receive:
The most effective exercises and most efficient ways to train for developing lean muscle while turning your body into a fat-burning machine. Clear instructions for every exercise on proper technique, muscles worked, and common mistakes to avoid. An awesome system for easily creating your own workout plans. Top strategies for staying motivated and making solid progress. Proven tactics for building a solid nutritional foundation to make the most of your gym efforts.

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Weight Training Is the Way