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You can make a living as an author. And no, that statement isn't referring to the big-name authors that struck it rich with a handful of books. This applies to ordinary people like you and me. 

People often scoff at creative careers. It's too risky. It's not a real job. There's no money in it. You'll starve on the streets, they say. Those people are stuck in a traditional mind-set. They'd rather stay in the 9-5 jobs they hate instead of taking the leap and doing what they love for a living.

The thing is, the information out there is skewed. And, sometimes, flat out wrong. Those statistics don't take into account the thousands and thousands of mid-list authors who make a comfortable living from their writing, sometimes far more. 

It perpetuates this image that all but the elite few are starving artists - people who want to be creative for a living but can barely scrape together enough to eat and end up returning to their jobs in shame. 

You can make a living as an author, but there are several reasons why most authors fail. One of the biggest reasons is that they believe the journey stops when they've written "the end", but it's only the beginning. To become a successful self-publisher you must first treat this as a business. 

This audiobook is your guide to getting started as an author-entrepreneur and crossing the bridge from amateur to professional. 

Imagine if you were earning enough to quit your job for good, support your family and live the lifestyle you deserve. 

Imagine being able to reach thousands of people with your words and making a real difference. 

There's a big difference between publishing one book and calling yourself an author to being armed with a real strategy as a successful self-publisher who makes a profit off every book they write. Shift that mind-set to see this as a real business and look at yourself as a publishing tycoon, not a starving artist. Writing is only one part of the equation.

Here's the rest!

When you listen to this audiobook, you will:

Discover the seven deadly sins: Most authors fail because of one or more of these seven problems. If you don't fall into any of these categories, you're already far ahead of the masses.
Go from hobbyist to entrepreneur: Authorship and self-publishing are profitable businesses, so you must treat it like one. If you only treat it like a hobby until it "takes off", it probably never will.
Nail the money trifecta: There are three things you absolutely must get right about your book in order to turn a passerby into a customer, and unsurprisingly, there are tons of mistakes you can make.
Set up your back-end cash flow: Very few people can be a "one-hit wonder" and retire off of one book. Act smart and create multiple ways to support your income.
Start with the end in mind: Just like finishing a maze, starting from the end goal makes the rest of the journey so much easier to map out.

Chris Barton
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12 febbraio
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