Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: Tips and Tricks to Make Good Money Through Candlestick Trading, Charting, Cryptocurrency, Chinese Crypto, and Technical Analysis with the Financial Markets (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 11,99 €

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Everything you ever needed to know about how to analyze and work within the financial market.

Have you ever wondered about how to read a chart? Do you suspect that you could make a very good day trader and make some good money from the markets? Have you wondered if there's a way to trade better or fine-tune your entries, exits, and trade and risk management? Then this book is for you. You're about to:

Decode the parlance of trading, so everything starts making sense to you
Discover why many traders do so well with technical analysis
Learn the most basic chart patterns for precise and explosive trades
Find out about the wonderful world of indicators and how they can help you
Learn the strategies to use no matter what the market is doing
Understand the reason so many traders lose money - and how not to be them
Gain insight into the importance of managing your money
Unravel the reasons your exits matter as much as your entries
Work with the concept of confluence to give you higher-probability trades
Unpack the idea of trends within trends and how to go with the flow for profit
Learn the two significant classes of candle patterns and how to exploit them
Buy low and sell high, just like the pros
Think like a casino when planning and managing your trades so that you come out on top
Avoid the dangerous trap of trading with no stop-loss, so you always have the capital to make profits with
And so much more

With this book as your starting point, you'll be able to start off your journey as a trader or investor with confidence, fine-tune your trading skills if you've been at this a while, and end each month happy with the results. Download this book and become a chart whisperer today.

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