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Lose weight permanently and healthily with the Sirtfood diet formula for beginners.

Are you looking for a practical cookbook that contains not only interesting, but also nutritious recipes for a successful diet? Would you like to finally feel better and fitter and lose weight almost on the side?

This book is your best companion for a successful entry into the world of sirtfoods and comprises a total of 100 simple, and at the same time, ingenious beginner recipes with a lot of different sirtuin-activating foods. 

Here you will find a total of 100 completely new and ingenious sirtfood recipes for your lasting success. 

What are sirtuin foods anyway
Does this diet mean that you have to accept major restrictions
Where does this trend of sirt foods come from
What details have to be considered when dieting
Five-week meal plan

The book is aimed at everyone who: 

Wants to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way without giving up
Would like to receive information about the foods in which sirtuins are present
Would like to cook and are looking for new healthy recipe ideas as a beginner. 

A diet with sirtfoods offers you weight loss and all without losing muscle mass. It is quite possible to lose more than three kilograms in a week without giving up red wine or chocolate. And this is exactly what this book should help you with, because in this cookbook you will find:

Information about sirtfoods, for more power, better health, and weight loss and detoxification
An interesting introduction to the subject of sirtuins 
A simple step-by-step guide as a guide 
A clear presentation of all the advantages of this form of nutrition 
A shopping list with the most important groceries so that you can get started right away 
Useful tips for a successful diet, as well as a permanent change in diet 
A detailed experience report for beginners of the sirtfood diet 
A total of 100 recipes with a wide selection to suit every occasion
Recipes for: breakfast, starters, salads, snacks, soups, main courses, and dinner 
In addition, a five-week meal plan for your own personal success     

The sirtfood diet formula for beginners offers an interesting and detailed look at the sirtfood diet, which is successfully used by stars from sports and fashion, among others. In contrast to many other forms of diet, this type of diet does not require months of starvation.

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