The Sword Unbound The Sword Unbound
Audiolibro 2 - Lands of the Firstborn

The Sword Unbound

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He thought he was saving the world. That was his first mistake.

Twenty years ago, Alf and his companions defeated the Dark Lord and claimed his city. Now, those few of the Nine that remain find themselves unwilling rebels, defying the authority of both the mortal lords they once served and the immortal king of the elves - the secret architect of everything they've ever known.

Once lauded as a mighty hero, Alf is now labelled a traitor and hunted by the very gods he fights to bring down. As desperate rebellion blazes across the land, Alf seeks the right path through a maze of conspiracy, wielding a weapon of evil. The black sword Spellbreaker, ever hungry for slaughter, has found its purpose in these dark days. But can Aelfric remain a hero, or is his legend tarnished forever?

The Sword Unbound continues Gareth Hanrahan's acclaimed epic fantasy series of dark myth, daring warriors and bloodthirsty vengeance.

Praise for The Sword Defiant:

'The front runner for my book of the year . . . Fans of Gemmell and Abercrombie need this on their shelves'
Ed McDonald, author of Blackwing

'With a richly detailed narrative, well-drawn characters, epic battles, and political and religious intrigues, Hanrahan's outstanding first outing in the Lands of the Firstborn series will thrill fantasy readers - who will anxiously await the next book'

'Both a love letter and evolution of the epic fantasy novel . . . The Sword Defiant is an epic tale of how no world stands still forever . . . Highly recommended!
Run Along the Shelves

'Hanrahan is one of the best in the business at creating fantasy worlds that feel alive . . . I'll read any book that Gareth Hanrahan writes'
The Fantasy Inn

Fantascienza e fantasy
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