7-Player Baseball Revolution 7-Player Baseball Revolution

7-Player Baseball Revolution

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Baseball is in crisis. A game of skill, pressure, and action has become plodding, predictable, and slow. Steals, bat control, and great glovework have been replaced by strikeouts, walks, and home runs. The beauty of baseball has been pushed aside by muscle-bound swingers and throwers who are strangers to the essence of the game.

7-Player Baseball is the antidote to the slow death baseball is going through. 7-Player Baseball takes the game and its players back to its roots – hitting the ball, running the bases, playing team defense—with pressure applied through aggressive, strategic play, not with extending pitch counts and tedious trots around the bases.

7-Player Baseball was developed by Joel Bradley, coach of elite Florida high school players that include Anthony Rizzo, Luis Guillarme, Andy Painter, and many other major leaguers. What began for Bradley as a solution to training small-roster teams evolved into a thrilling and highly entertaining new form of baseball that also drives its players to improve all phases of their game.

Get all the essentials of the 7-game in the 7-Player Baseball Revolution. The book contains 10 brief chapters covering everything from the game’s 7 simple rules, to inside approaches to hitting, fielding, pitching, and baserunning, to relays, game situations, and improving players’ baseball IQ. Dozens of diagrams and photos illustrate proper position and technique.

7-Player Baseball is exactly the shot of adrenaline that baseball needs. Join the revolution!

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