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This book is written in this manner, size, and style to easily show the biblical relevance of our civic actions, as well as improving our daily relationship with our Lord.

My utmost desire is that Born-Again Believers embrace the truth of Christ-like living, not religiously, but in reality. A reality that transcends tradition, customs, and we’ve-always-done-it-this-way kind of thinking.

I grew up in the South where traditions and customs run deep. However, God’s Word inspired me to think about many of these customs. For example, many Southern Black people, regardless of academic achievements, pronounces the word “ask” as “axe,” without thinking about why.

Also, many vote for Democrats their entire lives without any regard to the Democratic Party’s Platform, the Candidate’s stand on abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, or any other social issues. Yet on Sundays, they will worship and praise God. Then on Tuesdays, they will vote in direct contradiction to the very God they worshipped and praised just a few days before.

We simply vote as Democrats as if it’s in our DNA, not giving thought to how our vote will enable the enemy of our soul to move against our beliefs, our church, even our Salvation. 

Is that biblically correct?

Well, as Believers in Jesus, the Redeemer of mankind, our DNA has been transformed. Shouldn’t we reflect that change in our daily lives as well as in our civic responses to social issues in our community and our country?

 It is my prayer that the reader will get answers to these and other questions that confront a child of God traveling through this journey of life with the Savior.

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22 novembre
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.