A Few Days With My God and My Angel A Few Days With My God and My Angel

A Few Days With My God and My Angel

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Life is beautiful when we have a destiny, hope and faith towards the Almighty God. Each one of us would have faced critical crises, unacceptable situations, heartbreaking incidents or total failures in life. One might find it extremely difficult to overcome such hurdles. This is my humble effort to share an incident in my life where I came face to face with God, feeling the warmth of His divine love and providence. I wish my brothers and sisters could get the faith to overcome their own challenges in life through this book.

"A Few Days With My God and My Angel" is a brief, though straight from the heart, description of the fifty six days which we spent in the hospital with our nineteen months old son Steve, thus changing our very perspective of life but left our faith unshaken. Here I am trying to explain my understanding on the depth of personal relation which God maintains with each one of us. The incidents written in this book may be painful, but my intention is not to make the reader feel the pathos or to make one look back at us in pity, instead one should be able to look past the mortal pain and sufferings to understand the intricate and mysterious ways in which God cares. I only want to share the love and support I felt from my God and I want to share how my prayers strengthened my faith. The pages that follow are extracts from my life and will reveal to you how I came to know the love and care of my God...

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9 febbraio
Santhosh Thomas